Creative Collabs | Levi’s x Jacquard by Google

Wearable tech used to look a little different. Remember the days when getting a backpack or hoodie with a special hole for your headphones to thread through was groundbreaking? Those days are past.

Google has their hand on a lot of things, Google improves a lot of things, Google is now in the fashion industry, (and thankfully, it’s not Google Glass.) Google has partnered with another household name to release a jacket that keeps you connected and on the the move.

The latter part of that sentence is important. It’s one thing to be connected; it’s another to do it so seamlessly that you can continue with what you’re doing without deriving your attention from where it was focused – like on the road, while on a bike. We truly appreciate the creative aspect of the play Levi’s x Google took in the presentation of their new gear.

The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google allows you to do some cool stuff, like get directions without having your eyes leave the road, announce who’s texting you and then read the texts, and, super importantly, play, pause or skip songs without having to get your phone out. For anyone with a pro Spotify account, an itchy trigger finger and an insatiable need to hear <that song> <right now>, this is the jacket for you.

Stay connected to your music, navigation and social life, all without ever touching your phone. 

Perfect when you just don't want to stop. For so many life moments, pulling out your phone to consult may be an option, but it doesn't have to be. 

Customize what a gesture means to you. The jacket isn't pre-set - you can determine what does what. 

It may be technological history, but that doesn't mean it can't look good (and like the tried and true Levi's denim jackets we all already love.) 

This jacket keeps you connected while on the move. 

Drag & drop to customize what gestures mean to you - whether it be answering the phone or changing the song. 

All images courtesy of Levi’s.