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New Trailer for Starz’ ‘Camelot’

Check out the latest teaser from Starz' upcoming fantasy series.

New Trailer for Starz' 'Camelot'

 "Spartacus: God of The Arena" may be over, but Starz isn't letting up on its fantasy ambitions.

The network has released a new trailer for "Camelot," its highly anticipated retelling of the King Arthur legend coming in April. Jamie Campbell Bower leads an impressive cast as the young King Arthur with Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Eva Green as Morgan, Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere, Peter Mooney as Kay, Claire Forlani as Igraine and Clive Standen as Gawain.

Michael Hirst ("The Tudors"), Morgan O'Sullivan ("King Arthur") and Graham King ("The Departed") are among the producers behind the series, which will retell the story of Arthur's younger years after claiming the sword in the stone and before the formation of the Knights of the Round Table.


 "Camelot" will debut on Friday, April 1 on Starz and will run for ten episodes.