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Chasing Entourage’s Adrian Grenier

In our look at Entourage we talk to Adrian Grenier.

Chasing Entourage's Adrian Grenier

Nothing much fazes Vincent Chase. He’ll quit a franchise, spend his own money on a script and things just seem to work out for him. Adrian Grenier seems to embody much of Vince in real life. The specifics of the show concern him less than the well being of humanity, though he indulged a few Entourage specific questions as well.

CraveOnline: Has your journey in Hollywood mirrored Vince’s at all?

Adrian Grenier: At times, yes. To a certain degree, it’s been mixed. I learn a lot from Vince and I think Vince of course is a product of my invention. I put a lot of myself in Vince. Vince is like the ventriloquist puppet that develops a soul of his own and starts making me do crazy things, like kill people. But not actually kill people, but maybe sometimes.

CraveOnline: Do you support all of Vince’s career decisions, or do you think he’s been a little irresponsible at times?

Adrian Grenier:  Reckless maybe. I think they’re good boys with a lot of heart and that’s why people care about them, because regardless of their lifestyle, they’re good at the core.

CraveOnline: Do you see many noble types like that in Hollywood?

Adrian Grenier:  Every time I look in the mirror. [Laughs] I see a lot of good people, actors or artists around more and more everyday.  I mean as our global situation becomes more dire, I think people try to step up and really try to speak from the heart.  So I think they’re out there.

CraveOnline: Are you able to contribute your own crazy Hollywood stories to the producers?

Adrian Grenier:  It’s a daily download, it is.

CraveOnline: Is there any reality to the way women throw themselves at stars?

Adrian Grenier: Don’t try this at home because you will find that I’d say living that much of a superficial consumerist lifestyle, depression will ensue. The problem is it’s a half hour show. You don’t see the hard work that they have to endure. You only see the crème de la crème. You only see the best segments.

CraveOnline: Well, this season they really put themselves on the line. What were your thoughts on that storyline?

Adrian Grenier: Well, I love it.  I think that for the first time we see these boys becoming men.  And they’re stumbling and falling and often awkward in their growth period but I can’t wait to see what greatness comes.

CraveOnline: Are you into the story as much as the fans?

Adrian Grenier: I’m actually watching it with everybody else and I haven’t been watching the rough cuts at all.  So it was very exciting to be a part of the ride.  And you know we shot these episodes so long ago so they’re almost fresh.  They are fresh for me.

CraveOnline: Will you sit down and watch Entourage with a group of people?

Adrian Grenier:  I usually watch it on a delay because you can never quite sit down at the time it was airing. My roommates and I have friends who watch the show so we sometimes will watch it together.  And I get to tell them little back stories and behind the scenes stuff.

CraveOnline: Do you share anything with Vince?

Adrian Grenier:  We don’t always have the same tastes.  But ultimately his tastes triumphs on the screen.

CraveOnline: You talk about consumerism and the global situation. What do you do for the environment?

Adrian Grenier:  I try and I try. It is an eternal attempt to be aware.  You can’t do everything all at once. I try and turn off the lights as much as possible.  I unplug all of my appliances.  Use the eco friendly light bulbs.

CraveOnline: Do you eat free range food?

Adrian Grenier:  I try to eat free range organic foods.  I try and walk if I can, which is why I love New York.  Take a train.  My home is a green home.  To me I look at it as an investment and the things may cost a little bit more but ultimately it pays for itself.  And then it gives you low emissions and its good for the environment.  So people invest in all sorts of bizarre things.  Why not invest in the quality of life?

CraveOnline:  Why do you choose to live in New York instead of LA?

Adrian Grenier:  Why?  I’m addicted.  I grew up there.  I’m like a crack baby for New York.

CraveOnline: Do you watch TV?

Adrian Grenier:  Not a whole lot.  I get the DVD’s, its much easier.

CraveOnline: Where do you like to hang out in LA?

Adrian Grenier: No, not particular.

CraveOnline: You did Devil Wears Prada. Have there been other lucrative movie offers for hiatuses?

Adrian Grenier: I can’t turn them down fast enough. [Laughs] I actually directed another documentary and I’m writing a screenplay.

CraveOnline: Is that a follow-up to the HBO one you just did?

Adrian Grenier: Something different. I can’t [say]. It’s too early.

CraveOnline: How would Vince handle failure?

Adrian Grenier:  With a smile of course.  I mean if you think back to the pilot episode, I think it was, when he was getting trashed.  Was it the pilot?  He was getting trashed by the critics for his role in Queens Boulevard and he laughed it off.  And that’s the right attitude.

CraveOnline: Will there be a cliffhanger this season?

Adrian Grenier: Isn’t there always?

CraveOnline: Give us a vague tease.

Adrian Grenier: Well, everybody doesn’t die in the end, so…